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Painting Process

Exterior Painting Process

Pressure Wash
  This is the first step in getting your home painted.  A pressure wash will not only clean the exterior of dirt and build-up, but will also begin the process of removing flaky paint.  This process is normally done a few days before the preparation of the home begins.  Depending on the size of the home, a pressure wash may take two to three hours.  After the  pressure wash is complete, a test patch will be done.  The test patch is where we place color combinations on the wall that the customer has chosen to help find the right colors for the project.  

Preparation:  This process is the most important in protecting a home.  Preparation begins when Solano Painting thoroughly inspects for mildew rusty nail heads and flaking. This flaking is removed by hand with a scraping tool.  After scraping the paint, the window frames and all other flaking boards are inspected to repair any cracks or splits. Rusty nail heads will by ground down and primed.  Mildew will be treated with a bleach solution. When cracks or splits are noticed, Solano Painting repairs them by sanding, priming, caulking and painting the affected areas.  If the structure has stucco walls, all cracks and holes will be filled with a stucco patch or elastomeric caulking.  Then we continue the process with the masking of windows, light fixtures, fences, and the ground. 
Masking is done to protect the home from paint reaching those areas.

Painting the home:  This process results in a beautiful painted home.  In addition to masking the home, drop cloths will be placed where all painting is done.  Areas include: bushes, trees, and all grounds surrounding the home.  The paint is applied to the walls of the home using a 2 person method of back rolling.  back rolling is having one painter apply the paint to the surface with a sprayer while the other painter uses a roller to push and spread the paint into the homes surface.  This ensures a thick and even coat throughout, using more paint than just spraying alone. 
We are one of very few companies that use this method of back rolling for both coats.  
Painting the trim on a home is done by using brushes an mini-rollers.
Front doors are usually brushed or sprayed.

Interior Painting Process

Preparation:  Test Patch is placed on walls prior to day of preparation.  Also prior to the day of preparation, Solano painting asks the customer to move any valuables off the walls.  On the day of preparation, all furniture will be moved to the center of the room and covered.  The floor will also be covered with drop cloths or masking.  All walls will be wiped free of spider webs, dirt, and mildew prior to painting.  All outlet and light switch covers will be taken off.  All holes and cracks in walls, baseboards, door ways and window sills will be patched and filled.  Mildew is treated with a bleach solution.  Cracks are filled with caulking and holes are patched with a spackle compound.  Any surfaces that have been previously painted with a semi-gloss will be sanded and wiped down prior to painting.  These areas usually include all doors, baseboards, doorways, and window sills.  All bare surfaces will be primed prior to painting.

Painting: Solano Painting starts with brushing areas that cannot be rolled.  These areas include: corners of walls, near doorways and baseboards, around cabinets, sinks, toilets, etc.  After, paint will be applied to all ceilings, walls, and doors with a roller.  Then, all doorways, baseboards, and window sills will be brushed.  Doors may be brushed, sprayed or rolled.    

Walk-Through:  This is the final step in having your home painted.  First, Solano Painting walks through twice looking for touch-ups.  During this time the customer is encouraged to inspect the paint job to ensure customer satisfaction. This step allows the customer to inspect the job. If the customer requests additional touch ups, it will be done to their satisfaction, prior to the final payment.

Warranty:  Guaranteeing a customer's peace of mind.  After the final payment is received, Solano Painting will leave the customer the leftover paint to have on hand.  This will help with any small touch-ups.  If there are any paint failures during the 2 or 5 year guarantee, Solano painting will return to address those issues free of labor charge. 

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